“Effective Permanent Restriction Return-to-Work Program

Discover the proven success of our permanent restriction return-to-work initiative, designed to save you significant costs.

While many argue that return-to-work programs are often ineffective, MotivateWork USA challenges that notion. Our unique approach not only achieves tangible cost savings and loss mitigation on workers’ compensation claims but also creates opportunities for successful re-employment for injured workers.

Managing Hundreds of Cases, Maximizing Benefits
Claims managers often handle extensive caseloads, with some cases extending up to 500 weeks in high-exposure jurisdictions. In such instances, benefits can reach 66% of average weekly wages (AWW). Certain cases may escalate to arguments for permanent-total disability (PTD) and lifetime benefits, incurring even higher costs. MotivateWork USA serves as your strategic defense tool, aggressively saving time and money to maximize case resolution, ultimately minimizing losses.

The MotivateWork USA Process
Our streamlined return-to-work process for permanently restricted workers’ compensation claims begins with a comprehensive Return-to-Work Assessment. A MotivateWork USA vocational rehab counselor conducts in-person meetings with injured workers and their attorneys, if applicable. Following the assessment, we meticulously research and contact employers individually, identifying suitable permanent job opportunities. Direct communication with employers allows us to schedule face-to-face interviews, enhancing the chances of successful outcomes.

Post-interview, we follow up with employers to determine results. For positive outcomes, we continue advocating for the worker, striving to secure a job offer. In cases of negative or sabotaged interviews, our expertise in extracting crucial information becomes invaluable.

Active Engagement Yields Results
Unlike passive return-to-work vendors, MotivateWork USA takes an active approach tailored to each claimant’s unique circumstances. For example, if the injured worker is a delivery driver restricted to lifting 10 lbs, we go beyond supplying generic job leads. Instead, we make direct cold calls to employers, advocating for the worker and setting up face-to-face interviews for roles that align with their skills and restrictions. Our commitment to active engagement is a key differentiator from our competitors.

Cold Calls as Our “Secret Sauce”
MotivateWork USA’s secret sauce lies in our direct contact with employers. Through strategic cold calls, we ensure job availability and suitability. In some cases, we make over 100 calls to secure a job that aligns with our criteria, emphasizing the significant distinction between our program and competitors’.

Exceptional Customer Service
With MotivateWork USA, you are never left in the dark about your claims. Our team provides a dedicated point of contact, eliminating repetition and frustration. We deliver comprehensive documentation and regular updates, ensuring transparency throughout the process.”

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