“Facilitating a Seamless Return to Work: MotivateWork USA’s Comprehensive Program

MotivateWork USA stands out with its innovative Transitional Return-to-Work program, designed to not only minimize costs for carriers and employers but also enhance the lives of injured workers. In the following sections, we delve into how MotivateWork USA streamlines the resolution of transitional return-to-work claims, providing swift solutions to reduce expenses and offer significant benefits to injured workers.

Prioritizing the Well-being of Injured Workers
MotivateWork USA goes beyond the conventional approach by taking the time to truly understand each injured worker. This includes delving into their previous roles, skills, languages spoken, hobbies, and interests. Consequently, workers frequently express satisfaction with the volunteer experience in their transitional roles. By placing them in not-for-profit organizations, we maintain a consistent work schedule, boost confidence, and potentially expedite the healing process.

Timely Action for Cost Reduction
A pivotal step in cost reduction is the prompt reintegration of injured workers into an active routine. MotivateWork USA recognizes that delayed handling of workers’ compensation claims can lead to increased premiums. In transitional cases, prolonged periods of inactivity may escalate cases from transitional to permanently restricted. We take swift action to save costs, avoiding high exposure and ensuring a timely return to productivity.

Advocacy in Placement Sourcing
Effective transitional placement necessitates strong advocacy on behalf of injured workers. MotivateWork USA engages in direct communication with not-for-profits, cold-calling and liaising with hiring managers to identify suitable roles based on the injured worker’s restrictions. We leave no room for oversight, addressing key information regarding restrictions and skillsets to facilitate seamless placements.

Exceptional Customer Service
Transparency and communication are at the forefront of MotivateWork USA’s customer service. We provide a designated point of contact within our team to eliminate repetition, frustration, and wasted time. Upon receiving a referral, we respond within 2 business hours. Our responsiveness extends to communication with not-for-profits, ensuring a quick follow-up on placements. Weekly updates, timecards, and reports keep all stakeholders informed, with the MotivateWork USA team diligently documenting every interaction to maintain clarity and alignment.”

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