“WFH Transitional Return-to-Work Program Amidst COVID-19

The landscape of transitional return-to-work claims has been profoundly impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Unprecedented challenges have arisen, with non-profit closures and safety concerns raised by injured workers, resulting in a stagnation of many claims and workers finding themselves confined to their homes. Recognizing the enduring nature of the pandemic, MotivateWork USA is introducing a long-term solution to keep claims progressing and injured workers actively involved.

MotivateWork USA has joined forces with Cardz for Kidz, an exceptional organization dedicated to bringing joy to seniors, veterans, and children through fun and charming handmade cards. Additionally, we’ve partnered with Operation Gratitude, an organization committed to delivering heartfelt letters to first responders, medical personnel, and the military.

In our program, injured workers engage daily in creating handmade cards for children and letters for first responders. MotivateWork USA provides all necessary supplies, streamlining the process for participants. Upon receiving a referral, we assemble a mailing kit containing everything needed for crafting these thoughtful cards and letters, which we then dispatch to the injured workers to kickstart the program.

The primary goal of this initiative is twofold: to make a positive contribution to two meaningful causes and to ensure the ongoing activity and engagement of injured workers, thereby keeping your claims dynamic and productive. This program is particularly well-suited for rural claims, providing a unique and impactful way for injured workers to contribute to their communities.”

Operation Gratitude
Cardz for Kidz
If you would like to utilize this program for your transitional RTW claims, please inquire below.

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